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TMJ / Jaw Pain Treatment

TMJ / Jaw Pain Treatment

Do you consistently wake up with a headache or jaw pain? You may have a condition known as TMJ. TMJ, also known as TMD, refers to conditions affecting the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull.

When you grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night, it can cause this joint to become poorly aligned. TMJ can also be caused by other conditions, including arthritis and stress leading to several painful symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Jaw tenderness.
  • Audible clicking noises when opening and closing your mouth.
  • Limited jaw mobility.
  • Persistent headaches.
  • Pain in your neck and inner ears.
  • A ringing sound in your ears.
  • Issues with your sinuses.

Treatment for TMJ

Dentists can treat TMJ in a range of ways, depending on the severity of your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. Treatment for TMJ can include:

  • Muscle relaxants to release tension in the jaw muscles.
  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate headaches, earaches, and minimize swelling and tenderness in the jaw.
  • Biofeedback to address any stress which may be causing your TMJ.
  • A customized mouthguard to wear at night to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching.
  • Restorative dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, or dental implants, which can improve your bite and alignment.
  • Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign clear aligners, which can gradually reposition your teeth in your jaw to correct misalignment.

For immediate relief from pain due to TMJ, your dentist may also recommend a variety of jaw exercises to stretch and strengthen jaw muscles.

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