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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays (Radiographs)

Detailed examination with the naked eye by a dental professional can identify many oral issues that require attention. However, digital X-rays use modern technology to spot concerns that are not otherwise visible.

Your dentist may find hidden tooth decay, bone infections, developmental abnormalities, gum disease, and cancerous and non-cancerous tumors on a digital X-ray.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

In comparison to traditional film-based X-rays, there are many advantages to using the more advanced digital X-ray technology:

  • Digital X-rays can be viewed instantly on a nearby screen. Images can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.
  • As they are stored digitally, dentists can send images to specialists for immediate evaluation.
  • There is less exposure to radiation than with film-based X-rays, reducing health risks to the patient.
  • There is no need for chemical processing or elimination of lead foil. Digital X-rays are more environmentally friendly.
  • Digital images are stored safely online in a patient’s file. Data protection is improved as the film is not stored in a physical space.
  • The instant accessibility of images allows for quicker and easier identification of any oral problems. Earlier treatment can have improved patient outcomes and be cheaper.

Digital X-Ray Procedure

A dentist can carry out a digital X-ray during a routine dental visit. There are no special preparations, and they are very safe. If they discover abnormalities, several X-rays may be taken throughout treatment to ensure it is working.

Children may need to have more digital X-rays taken than adults because their teeth, gums, and jaws are still growing. If there are any problems identified as this growth is occurring, it may be necessary to evaluate their oral development on an ongoing basis.

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